Honesty Really IS the Best Policy

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Recruiters are an excellent resource for job seekers in any economic condition, but particularly at a time when Unemployment Rates are at record-breaking lows. A good recruiter will have access to jobs, market information, insights, tips, and connections that many people just don’t have. Here is a brief list to make the most of your experience with a recruiter:

  • BE HONEST: No one will benefit from “fluffing” the specifics of what you’re looking for when it comes to the type of position, salary, location, etc. Also, it won’t hurt our feelings if what we present to you does not align with what you have in mind.
  • BE RESPONSIVE: It is critical that you are reachable and responsive when your recruiter contacts you. Time is of the essence, and they are calling you for a reason!
  • BE COURTEOUS: This works both ways – treat your recruiter with respect and professionalism, and they will be your biggest advocate!
  • BE AVAILABLE: If you are serious about your job search, you will make time for a short-notice interview.
  • BE TRANSPARENT: When a recruiter presents you with direct questions regarding your experience, skillset, or background, do NOT misrepresent yourself. The chances of a successful experience significantly decrease if you are not transparent with who you are.
  • BE OPEN: Be sure to keep an open mind as you’re searching. Your recruiter may present an opportunity that you might not have originally considered. Based on the recruiter’s knowledge of industry, connections, and ability to review resumes, they might see something that you have not initially thought to be a match.
  • BE PREPARED: Before you ever contact a recruiter, be sure that your resume is up to date, your interview skills honed, elevator pitch prepared, and you have an idea what your ideal position would look like.

Using these tips can definitely help form a successful partnership with a recruiting professional. Total Package offers staffing services for temporary, temp-to-hire, and direct hire placements. We would welcome an opportunity to help you find a new career – Just Ask Us!

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