For the Love of Dogs

a dog laying on a desk with a computer mouse

When it comes to morale in the office, man’s best friend has an impact!  We’ve all been there – stressed out at the office, overwhelmed with deadlines, and feeling like it’s just too much. It’s been shown that allowing dogs in the workplace has a noticeably positive effect on employees. Historically, small businesses have led the way in the pet-friendly arena, but many large companies have also adopted the practice (including Google, Etsy, Amazon, and GoDaddy).

The list of pro’s below indicate why it’s a benefit to consider:

  • It helps in recruiting and retaining employees. People love their pets, and they also spend a good number of hours at work. If they’re able to bring their companion with them, they are more likely to be dedicated and less likely to leave.
  • Improves morale and creates workplace camaraderie. Dogs have a tendency to lighten the mood and warm the heart. They also make it easier for employees to connect and communicate.
  • Reduction of stress in the workplace. This is a huge perk and has been the subject of many studies. One such study published in the International Journal of Workplace Health Management showed that a group of employees that were allowed to bring dogs to work were significantly less stressed than those that were not.
  • Shown increases in employee productivity. Having a pet present, encourages employees to take brief breaks throughout their work day, which makes them more productive in the long run. Employees are also more willing to put in longer hours because they aren’t worried about rushing home to let the dog out.
  • Can oftentimes boost a customer’s perception of the business. Most customers have indicated a positive experience when offered a chance to interact with a service provider’s pet, and it can help them to relax and enjoy their visit to the business.
  • Improved employee health and assurance that breaks are taken. Having pets in the workplace encourages employees to get away from their desks and move around through the day. Bathroom breaks for pets = active employees taking breaks.
  • Providing a convenience to employees. Allowing pets in the workplace simplifies the lives of pet owners, and saves them money (dog walkers, expensive daycare, etc.).
  • It’s good for the pups too! Inviting dogs in to the office prevents them from being cooped up at home alone. They get all the attention and love they could dream of when allowed to accompany mom or dad to work.

It’s clear that there are many benefits to allowing your employees to bring their trusted companions to work. Approximately 60% of Americans own a pet. It really is no surprise that so many employers are making the shift towards a pet-friendly office environment.

NOTE: Employers considering allowing pets in the office should be mindful of all of the considerations that need to be made (here’s the fun police part). Coworkers may have allergies to pets, or fears of certain types of animals; your landlord may have restrictions; your insurance carriers may need to add specific coverage for pets on property; and you will need to have clear and consistent guidelines and policies for your staff to know when animals are acceptable, the behaviors that will not be tolerated, and the fact that you as the employer may revoke the privilege at any time. You should also be aware of the differences between service pets (as defined by the ADA), emotional support pets, and companion pets (more to come in our next blog, stay tuned…)

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